Happy Thanksgiving!

A very Happy Turkey Day to all you out there in blog-land. I hope today can be a day of reflection and of perspective - 'cause goodness knows it's easy to forget just how good you have it sometimes (and of course, by "you" I mean me :)). It's also a day of great food and, at least in our household, football.  
Actually, we had planned to go to our neighbors for Thanksgiving. We don't have any family in town this year and we couldn't travel due to work commitments. Plus, as hard as I tried to stave off the virus my hubby was harboring, it seems to have found it's way to me. Just when I thought I might make it through. So we decided to spare our neighbors and sadly stay at home. Later this afternoon, they so kindly showed up at our door with plates of food for the "sickies" :) How fantastic are they?!?!? See, so much to be thankful for :) They've been so fabulous since we moved in a little over a year ago. We love them :)

It's been a couple of slow crafting days for me. I did manage to make a few quick cards but I'm not up to my best work - just feel like ideas are slow to come, among the other side effects of the cold and medications. 
The first card is for Mercy's Tuesday Sketch Challenge.
 Not the most mojo-y card but hey.... I wanted to make it fairly frill-less. I had originally planned a masculine card, but now that I look at it, the dragonflies don't scream "male" :). 
The next card is for the Mojo Monday sketch challenge.

 I just got my PTI goodies (YEAH!!!) and with that came the new terracotta tile and guide lines II stamp set. *Gasp* I can't believe I'd waited this long to buy it! There are so many other sets I'd love to buy - but all in good time (at least a bit of restraint keeps my DH happy :)). So I used the new guide lines II and it was wonderful! I made a few small errors but I'm really looking forward to making this a "go to" set. Now have to ink up my turning a new leaf set.
Finally, I've got a couple of pics of our feline family members to share. It wasn't fair at all that the dogs get prime billing since the cats are a VERY important part of the family too. We love them just as much :) I'll be sure and put their cute little faces right next to the dogs on my side bar later.
The picture above is of the princess, Lilly, or "the bean" for short. "The bean" you ask? It went from Lilly to "liller bean" to "bean"... I love how pets names transition like that. Well, at least in our household :) But I would think there are a lot of people who have nicknames for their pets. Back to Lil - she does things on HER terms (like most cats) but she's mostly sweet :) Love that tortieshell personality!

 And this little character is Jasmine, or "Ja Ja" or "Jub Jub". Wow, seems to flow off the tongue so naturally - when I write it, it just looks plain silly :) In this picture, she's helping me study. I had to write qualifying board exams 2 years ago and this was her way of "helping". You can see the binder of notes she's lying on and my laptop to the side -so she's right in the thick of things. The "attention breaks" were good for my sanity though :)

Anyway folks, I'm fading fast.... need more cold meds....congestion returning.  I really dislike colds.... I really hope you are all enjoying your Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

Thanks for stopping by!

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