A challenge...on a sad note

A former colleague and friend lost her father this past week. It is so sad- she was close to her dad. As a result, I've been pretty reflective today. I live very far away from my immediate family right now (due to careers). I've worked hard to get a career I love - but, on days like this, it really makes you wonder. Is it really worth it, all for career? Am I doing the right thing? I, too, am close to my dad and these type of events make me acutely aware how fast time is slipping by.... Sorry to wax philosophic... So, I figured I'd make a sympathy card to send our condolences. I used the colors from the My Time to Inspire Challenge hosted this week by Kristen Bueter. And, here's my card.... I absolutely love these colors! I wanted to do a fairly simple card, with not too much adornment, as it will be mailed to eastern Canada. Well, getting ready to visit the PTI forum - it's release night! Take care all. Thanks so much for stopping by! TTFN, ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

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