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Helloooo sports fans! 

This here's a non-crafty post, my first in quite some time. Feel free to skip it if your pressed for time - I'm just sharing :)

First, let me start by explaining that I am no cook. I love to eat but I typically don't like cooking - I don't enjoy the clean up and I don't find it particularly relaxing. I'm lucky in that my hubby LOVES to cook! Thank goodness for the both of us, 'cause if it were left up to me, we'd have microwave meals or those that take under ten minutes to make :)

But baking....I like baking. Go figure. Not sure why, but I do. I like easy to moderate baking projects, nothing too labour-intensive. I like the end results and I like that I get to use cool toys like this one...

This was my brand new purchase. I decided it was time - I don't bake a lot but probably would if it were more convenient. I figured this would make it more convenient...at least that's how I justified it to myself :) 

The first thing I baked were these Fudgy Oatmeal Bars. My goodness, they are gooooood! They were good enough for my normally financially conservative (I hesitate to call him a tight wad :)) hubby to proclaim, "I don't care what the mixer cost, it was worth it!".  It's hard to see how great they are from just this shot of the pan but trust me, they are so good. If you like chocolate, oatmeal and walnuts, you will love these guys! I decided to give them a go after trying a similar looking bar at Starbucks. They are rich, no doubt about it. I would make them again in a heartbeat - the recipe is easy and it took a total of about 1 hour, start to finish. Not too shabby. 
Course, I could have done it without my new stand mixer, but it made it so easy, and hands-free when it came to mixing the dough. Now I am specifically looking for recipes to use the mixer - 'cause it just so darn pretty!

Have a great day!

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