Sad news...

Hi all. It's been a bit quiet here on the ol' blog'o lately.

Last weekend, we said good-bye to Freya, one of our golden retrievers. I won't go into too much detail as the pain and loneliness are still quite raw but she developed a gastric dilatation and volvulus or "twisted stomach". We thought we caught it early and she was actually in pretty good shape for surgery... but under anesthesia she developed an unresponsive rapid heart beat and profoundly low blood pressure. Many people worked on her (and to those folks, I am forever grateful) but she just never responded to intensive treatment. Long story short, she never recovered from anesthesia.  We got to say good-bye and be there when she left, and for that I am glad.
I couldn't face writing about it until now - there's a huge, painful void left in our hearts and home. But as time passes, hopefully the happy memories will outweigh the sadness of recent events. She was a WONDERFUL companion and friend. She came to us from an abusive home 4 1/2 years ago - and despite her lot in life, she had a beautiful spirit and absolute kindness towards people and animals (with the exception of squirrels - LOL!). She had a gusto for life and seemed to enjoy everything from playing fetch with a tennis ball to laying curled up next to her "brother" Spencer. She was a joy every single day and we were completely blessed to have her in our lives.
Here she is, running like the wind. She did that every time she went outside - she absolutely loved it :)

I miss her terribly but when I see this picture, I remember how it always made me smile to see her run like this. I find myself smiling through tears now.... and I think about how fitting that actually is - even though she is gone, she still finds a way to give me joy. Thank you Freya! We will love you always :)

Sorry - I hope I don't depress you all but writing about it, even a little, helps. Letting you all know a little about her is cathartic :)
Thank you, friends :)

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