Wonderful Gifts :)

I've got a few awesome gifts from some very thoughtful, very sweet friends - Tanny and Sue.
The very wonderful, talented Tanny sent me this first one and, in following her lead, I thought I would list a few things that make me happy... this is a great exercise for perspective when one has had a bad day :)

10. Chocolate - always can cheer me up... at least until the sugar rush wears off...
9. The smell of the morning air - especially this time of year. AHHHHH!!! A fresh new day.
8. Water - yep, water. Being near it, hearing it, swimming in it... it makes me happy. Perhaps I was meant to be a dolphin or a fish...
7. Hugs - I do like my personal space but there's something super comforting about a hug. There's my "hubby hug" - I love how I can just fold up into his hugs and it's all encompassing and loving. Makes all the bad things go away. Then there's those hugs from parents, family and friends that really HUG you and make you feel they're so glad to see you and that you are loved.  I'm really not all that sentimental or touchy feely, I just love hugs... from people I know of course.
6. Frogs croaking, pretty purple lilacs, birds chirping, morning mist, a gorgeous sunset... all natural wonders. When I take the time to look, listen, and smell, it's always amazing and humbling. Realizing the wonder that surrounds me each and every day. It helps me slow down and regain focus when it seems the business of life is taking over. Life in general is pretty amazing when you stop to think about it, isn't it? Sorry, my Disney moment is over now...
5. Chocolate - oh, yeah. It made the list twice. It's that good and it makes me HAPPEEE!
4. Speaking of food, food makes me happy. There's nothing better than great food - sushi, thai, indian, etc - YUM-MY!
3. Paper crafting really makes me happy - this would make my husband's "unhappy" list, for the very real effect it has on his wallet :) Kidding - he really does love to see my creations. All the friends I've made through card making - wow. What a great community of people! All of the support makes me happy!
2. My sweet, furry family - 2 dogs and 2 cats. Can anything make you feel better than coming home to pets that are bursting with excitement to see you? I think not... they give me constant joy. Except when a hairball has found it's way onto my sofa...
1. My sweet, loving, supportive husband, family and friends make me happy, and thankful, each and every day!

This next gift is from the super sweet and talented Sue Lelli. You totally filled my day with sunshine!

Thanks so much my wonderful friends! I really appreciate your kindness and support! If you get a chance, please check out their blogs - really inspiring work from some very wonderful folks :)
Thanks so much for stopping by!


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