There's no place like home

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Indeed, there's absolutely no place like home :) 

After our big move a few months back, I am really enjoying being close to my family and being in "familiar" territory. I grew up in Atlantic Canada and I can't tell you how great it is to be back. I've gotten to see my parents a few times already and I'm living mere hours from my sister, so we see each other every few weeks. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of things I miss about living south of the border and I'll always hold a bit of those places in my heart. They've helped shape who I am, I've made amazing friends and contacts, had exceptional experiences -  and there's not one step I've taken that I'd do differently (well, maybe one or two, smaller steps ;)).  

So when I saw "The Map to your Heart Challenge" at over at MoxieFab, I knew I had to play along. Not only because of the awe-inspiring, map-containing projects I've seen in blogland, but because our journey had me inspired. 

I guess my reliance on all things digital was a bit of a pitfall in this case as I had NO maps in the house. Not one. I can blame that on my GPS and my iPhone - I haven't even printed a map in years. So I found one of Atlantic Canada online. Then I printed it in black and white, then another in color so I could create a little spotlight. I placed a little dot for my home sweet home :) I took some inspiration from Jessica Witty's card spotlighted on the MoxieFab post and from a beautiful card that my sweet blog friend, Maureen, sent me after we moved (Thanks Moe!).

Got a few personal pics to share, feel free to stop reading here :)
There's a golf course just a few minutes walk from our house. In the off season, they allow people to walk on the cart paths, which is great for me and my golden boy! We had a little snow recently (Yay snow! I know, I have a problem ;)) and I took my Spencer for a run. He's getting a little older now and has certainly slowed down but he LOVES the snow so we bundled up and trekked thought the snow on a beautiful, still morning this past week. It was just one of those moments - me, the dog, peace and quiet, and beauty all around. The kind of time that affirms life, the good, important parts of life :)

What a handsome fella :) 

This next picture make me smile - he's running and hopping through the deeper snow, just having a blast. Love his flopping ears and wagging tail! You can see is foot prints where he'd been running around. Not bad for a senior ;)

That's about it for me. Here's wishing you a tail wagging, ear flopping kinda week :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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