On the road...


After very sad good byes with friends and at work, and watching our house empty of it's contents, we're on the road to Prince Edward Island.

It will be approximately a 27 hour drive all totaled - of course, we'll be doing it in stages :) I am SO over driving late into the night or early morning if I can help it. I like me my beauty sleep waaaaay too much LOL!

We left Knoxville yesterday at 3 pm and drove 5.5 hours to VA last night. So far so good :)

We're currently in VA spending a few days with family and relaxing after a hectic couple of days before continuing with our relocation. Except, now I've acquired a cold - ugh. Hopefully, it won't get too bad as we continue on the road in 2 days…

Anywho, just wanted to stop in and give a little update! Thanks so much for all the well wishes during our move. It certainly was hard to leave but now the excitement of the new adventure is starting to surface :)

Later folks!


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