What a week!

Wow - never, ever expected this to happen to us (of course, you rarely expect bad things to happen to you). I came home yesterday after work and found my back doors wide open. Took me a few seconds to realize we'd been the victims of burglary. My first thought was for the animals - one cat and dog were immediately visible; one dog and cat were "missing". I ran through the house calling for my wayward pets - the cat appeared. The dog, Spencer, did not. As I was heading outside to begin searching, through a window I saw him running across our yard - thank goodness. He was pretty happy, seemed fine (aside from being covered in cow poop :)) - hopefully he just had a good run for himself :) We lost a few items (portable electronics and my wedding/engagement rings) as well as my peace of mind - needless to say we've got a security company coming out for an estimate today. Sad thing is, we've talked about getting an alarm system for months - ahhhh, you live, you learn. All in all, the stuff is just stuff.... replaceable. Thanks goodness the animals are ok. The cats are strictly indoor cats and I'm so surprised they didn't make a run for it :)
So while I await the arrival of the security people, I've got a few pics to share. I was playing with my camera outside and snapped a few shots of the furry babes.

Sleepy Spencer...he loves his stuffed toys. How cute is that?

Having a good run...

Something smells good :)

One of my most favorite trees in our yard, loosing all it's leaves

Spencer again

One more of Freya

Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by! At least it's Friday!

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